croc skin

Disadvantage 1: Rare breeding is difficult.

In addition to being rare in species and quantity, artificial breeding of crocodiles is also extremely costly and risky. In addition, breeding crocodiles requires picky environmental conditions and complex technology. And generally speaking, the best crocodile skin that can be used is limited to the long and narrow part of the crocodile’s belly, so even an ordinary dinner bag requires more than two crocodiles to make it. Every year, high-end luxury goods companies such as LV, MH, and Hermes only select 10% of the best crocodile skins to make their products, which fully confirms the saying that “rare things are more valuable”.
croc skin

Disadvantage 2: The process is complex and unique.

Now that we have finally selected the most precious crocodile skins, turning them into a high-quality and exquisite bag still requires “nine-nine-nine-eighty-one steps” of pure handcrafting. Nowadays, there are very few people in the world who can master the perfect production process of crocodile skin. Because the surface of crocodile skin is uneven, each stage of processing requires very perfect and skilled technology. Once any stage is not handled properly, the crocodile skin will be useless. Therefore, the texture of each handmade crocodile leather never repeats and the processing details are different, which explains why we often say that crocodile leather goods are unique.

Disadvantage 3: High workmanship requirements and excellent quality.

With good leather, how to hand-process and make these precious crocodile skins is even more important. Because once it is not handled properly, the entire crocodile skin will become useless, which is not only a waste of money, but also the manpower and time invested. Therefore, the leather selection process is very demanding. When luxury brands make handbags, they only choose crocodile skin with exactly the same pores, patterns, and thickness. Because of such strict selection standards, a luxury brand’s crocodile leather handbag usually requires 3-4 crocodiles to select the leather that meets the requirements.

Advantage 1: Status symbolizes luxury and nobility.

Crocodile is a prehistoric species and the king of leather that is full of vitality and luxury. Its scales can be immediately recognized and are particularly eye-catching. For luxury goods, crocodile skin is the most expensive item. They mean wealth. At the same time, each crocodile bag has to go through complicated hand-making, which means that what you get in your hands is not just a leather product, but also a work of art. It is rich and tasteful. It not only shows your identity but also reflects your appreciation of life. The pursuit of quality.

Advantage 2: Durable and timeless.

As the king of leather, crocodile leather is undoubtedly affordable. Unlike cowhide, crocodile leather has one of the biggest features. During use, its luster will not fade over time. , dull, the longer it is used, the more its natural luster will be revealed, so no matter how long it is used, it will still last forever. No wonder so many women can’t put it down.

Advantage 3 :More affordable and economical.

if you take good care of a crocodile leather product, it can last for more than ten or twenty years, or even a lifetime. The more you use it, the more you like it. Can other leather materials do this? At the same time, crocodile leather products The longer it is used, the more high-grade the luster reflected by the leather will be.

Advantage 4: Rich in styles and timeless.

crocodile leather is the most attractive and has no trend limitations. Crocodile leather goods themselves are a symbol of fashion and there is no such thing as being outdated. If you want to change the style, keep the old crocodile leather goods and keep them for a few years. Used for years, still good. Crocodile leather products are usually associated with the word “noble”. The reason is very simple, because it has a unique advantage, that is, among other leathers, it is unique in that it does not require maintenance, and the more it is used, the brighter it becomes.

Advantages 5: The texture is beautiful and you will never get tired of it.

The skin lines of crocodile skin are arranged in a regular pattern, ranging from large to small, or from deep to shallow. The leather surface of real crocodile leather has fewer pores and the leather feels stiff. At the same time, you can see a layer of deep grooves in the cross-section of the leather pattern. When you press it, you can feel the pattern and the inner texture of the leather are closely combined. The raised pattern of imitation crocodile leather will feel looser, and you can feel the gaps between the embossed patterns when you press it.

Advantage 6: Easy to maintain.

Avoid exposure to the sun and wind, and only use a soft dry cloth to wipe it when exposed to rain, rather than drying it with a hair dryer. When wiping, you need to follow the direction of the scales. Stuff a vacuum liner into the bag, otherwise the bag will lose its shape if stacked and left for a long time, and a dust bag is essential.

Advantage 7. Tasteful.

Every piece is a work of art: time is the most precious to people. Dozens of processes on crocodile leather goods all reflect the concentration and precious time of the leather goods masters. The products appear vivid, delicate, elastic and tough to the touch. Have taste. Making the already rare and precious crocodile skin more unique and valuable, each crocodile leather product radiates the charm of life and becomes an enduring work of art.

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