Crocodile embossing made like real crocodile leather

The shape of the cowhide embossed crocodile is now perfect and lifelike! Crocodiles grow naturally, and the protruding bone skin is very three-dimensional and hard.

It’s hard to tell the authenticity from the fake ones. Neat and symmetrical patterns are not necessarily the best belly leather, imitation crocodile leather has more neat patterns. No matter how neat the pattern of real crocodile leather is, there will be subtle changes in the lines, making the curves more vivid. The imitation embossing is rigid and uniform. When looking at the picture, you should carefully observe the texture, otherwise it will be mistaken for the real thing.

No matter how perfect it is, there is still a certain identifiable pattern. The following two pictures show the points where the crocodile skin must be sutured to the back bones. If you understand the identification of crocodile skin in the following two pictures, you will be an expert.

The difference between “crocodile leather” and “crocodile pattern” is that crocodile pattern is not crocodile leather because it is just a pressed imitation crocodile pattern. The materials range from artificial leather to calfskin. Crocodile pattern is a pattern made by pressing crocodile pattern molds on leather. In order to reduce costs, most manufacturers only use one set of molds, so the effect of crocodile pattern is almost the same.

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