Himalayan crocodile leather bag

I believe that all girls who love bags, and even new bag fans who are new to the bag industry, have heard of the name “Himalaya”. It is like a legend. Many people have heard and seen pictures of it, but few have actually seen, let alone owned, a Himalayan crocodile skin bag.

Himalayan crocodile skin can be said to be one of the most expensive and rare materials among bag materials. It is difficult to buy and very expensive, but bags made of this material have a special appeal to girls. How many rich girls try their best to find a Himalayan crocodile skin bag. After all, if you hold a Himalayan crocodile skin bag in your hand, it can almost beat the bags of everyone around you.

The skin on the belly of the crocodile accounts for about a quarter of the entire crocodile skin. Due to its special color and softer characteristics, the price is very high, while the price of other parts of the crocodile skin is much lower, so the leather goods of other parts of the crocodile skin are more expensive. Common because it’s cheaper.

The easiest way is to buy one on the secondary market from someone like Christie’s or Heritage, but if you want to buy one straight from the source, you’ll have to spend years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) waiting to accumulate the purchase at Flagship Boutique, there’s a chance one day, maybe, offer one. Seems like a lot of money.

Crocodiles are distributed all over the world. Due to different species, the quality of the skin is naturally different. Among them, the African Nile crocodile skin is the most expensive, and the skin on its belly is the king of skins. It is called Himalayan crocodile skin, so it is called Himalaya. , not because this kind of crocodile lives in the Himalayas, but because the color of the leather goods made from the belly skin of this kind of crocodile is similar to the effect of the rock gray on the highest peak of the Himalayas gradually turning into pearly white.

The most expensive crocodile leather handbags in history are almost all made of Himalayan crocodile skin. The reason why Himalayan crocodile skin is expensive is related to its complex craftsmanship and extreme rarity. Especially the latter has created a situation where the supply of cortex exceeds the demand. Wild crocodiles are endangered animals, especially Nile crocodiles in Africa, which are very rare. Crocodiles are naturally prone to fighting and can easily cause skin damage, so perfect first-grade Himalayan crocodile skins are rare. The price of the material itself is It costs hundreds of thousands of yuan, and with the craftsmanship, inlaid diamonds and brand, the price can easily reach one million.

There are not many collectors who can afford such auction-level handbags, but this does not prevent us from appreciating this top-notch practical art for the rich.

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