caiman leather care carmina

Caiman crocodile leather comes from smaller-sized caimans. In terms of brightness and the rectangular texture of the skin, it is quite similar to that of short-snouted crocodile leather. However, the texture size is smaller, making it more suitable for women’s shoes or smaller designs. Caiman leather is strictly controlled under CITES guidance to ensure it is not over-hunted. All our caiman crocodile leather is legally sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly environments in Asia.

Caiman crocodile leather care: We recommend regularly wiping your shoes to maintain their shine and color. Typically, if the shoes are moderately used, polishing them every two to three weeks should suffice.

  • First, insert your shoe trees and brush off any dust.
  • Apply a small amount of shoe cream to the shoes. We recommend using Carmina shoe cream, as it is specifically formulated for our different caiman crocodile leather colors. Our shoe cream will restore the leather’s color and shine. If you desire a slightly polished effect, you can also use a slightly darker shade.
  • Once the shoe cream is fully absorbed, brush off any excess.
  • Next, you can proceed with waxing. Match the wax color to your shoe color; this will give your shoes a lovely sheen. Gently buff the soft cotton cloth and apply the wax in circular motions on the shoes. Let the wax set for a few minutes, then brush it off.

There you have it! Your caiman crocodile leather shoes will look stunning and well-maintained.

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