crocodile leather straps

Nowadays, the official standard for any new luxury brand watch is basically an alligator leather strap.

For example, the popular models of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master series, most models of Patek Philippe, some Breguet watches, etc., matching with crocodile leather straps has basically become the best choice for high-end watches. Why does this phenomenon occur? ?

Two factors: suitability and rarity

The rarity of crocodile leather straps

Not everyone may know that top-grade crocodile leather watch straps are mainly from artificially bred American crocodiles. The cost of breeding is very high, and there are very few usable parts of a crocodile skin. It is used for cutting. The parts of the crocodile are only the belly and both sides of the abdomen where the leather is very soft, and the cutting principle of symmetrical patterns is followed, so that less high-quality leather can be cut; things are rare and valuable, so the crocodile is created the rarity of leather straps;

The production process of crocodile leather watch strap

As the saying goes, a good horse goes with a good saddle. The rare leather straps matched with top-level watches must be extremely complicated in workmanship.

In addition to being particular about the selection of materials, every step in the production of a watch strap, from pattern making to blanking, edge oiling and stitching, must be purely handmade, and the requirements for manual craftsmanship are also high. Mistakes may lead to failure in the production of the watch strap, and superb production technology is more in line with the product quality requirements of high-end watches;

Crocodile leather strap texture

Different from other rare leather materials, crocodile leather is more advanced and elegant, and is relatively better matched with high-end watches;

The more advanced the watch, the better the leather. The straps made by Xinnuo De generally use the large bamboo texture in the belly area. The curvature and softness of the straps made of this kind of leather are the same. The grade is good and fits the wrist better;

Compared with the large bamboo pattern, the circular patterns on both sides are relatively less grand in pattern, and are not suitable for high-end watches. Therefore, more expensive watches are generally paired with large bamboo pattern straps on the belly;

The production of crocodile leather straps is not uniform. On the premise of meeting the different needs of customers, it can be customized according to the customer’s wrist thickness, leather material selection, and color selection. It can be said that it provides a better match for high-end watches. Many options;

Although the strap is an accessory of the watch, without a good crocodile leather strap to match it, no matter how expensive the watch is, it will be overshadowed and lifeless. Only when you choose the right strap, a high-end watch can be called truly high-end. .

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