croc skin

Crocodile skin is divided into crocodile back and crocodile belly. Generally speaking, crocodile belly is more expensive than crocodile back.

Crocodile skin has a long and narrow body, and its surface is covered with thick and hard scales, which are particularly fine and dense in grain. The scales on the abdomen are mostly square, relatively flat, soft, and white, while the dorsal and lateral parts are mostly raised scales as big as broad beans. , there is a lot of pigment on the scales, and there are strong bones inside the scales as support. The value of the leather on the back and abdomen of crocodile skin is quite different, so the back and abdomen are often separated from the sides of the body, and some special treatments are performed according to different requirements.

Distinguishing: The merchant who sells crocodile belts said: If you buy a crocodile back, the raised bones are hard and unevenly distributed. If it is fake, most of the raised bones are empty and there are Evenly. Or many crocodile belts are the same, and generally a belt is made up of several pieces of leather. It is relatively difficult to distinguish between real and fake crocodile belly. He said it mainly depends on the texture of the skin, which should not be deformed after repeated folding.

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