croc shose

The reason why the price of crocodile leather shoes is so high is due to the following reasons:

  1. Crocodile skin is very rare and difficult to breed.

In addition to the rare types and numbers of crocodiles, the cost of artificially breeding crocodiles is also very high, and it is also a very risky thing, because crocodiles are very aggressive and may cause harm to people.

Breeding crocodiles requires very picky environmental conditions and the breeding technology is also very complex. For example, a baby crocodile must receive careful care from its keepers in a quiet environment from the moment it hatches. In order to ensure high-quality leather, the cooking oil and fresh chicken fed are also carefully selected.

Generally speaking, the best crocodile skin that can be used is only limited to the long and narrow part of the crocodile’s belly, and high-end products in luxury goods can only select about 10% of the best crocodile skins. Come and make your own products, so the rare thing is the more valuable thing.

2.the production process is very unique

Currently, there are no more than fifty talents in the world who can fully master the perfect production process of crocodile skin. Because the surface of crocodile leather is uneven, each processing stage requires very perfect and skilled craftsmanship. Once there is a problem in any processing link, the entire leather will be destroyed.

Since the texture of each piece of hand-processed leather is different, the details of the processing will also be different, so all crocodile leather products are unique.

3. the workmanship requirements are extremely high and the quality is excellent.

For the production of crocodile leather brand products, only high-quality leather with the same texture and thickness will be selected. The selection criteria are very strict. Only in this way can ideal high-end products be produced.

  1. Symbol of status, nobility and luxury

The crocodile is a prehistoric species and the king of leathers that are full of dynamic luxury. Crocodile skin is the most expensive item and means wealth. Moreover, the production process is very complex, and each product is tasteful and can better demonstrate one’s identity and pursuit of life taste.

Also, crocodile leather shoes are durable and have gone through innovations. Crocodile leather shoes are rich in styles, timeless, very attractive and have no fashion limitations. The texture is beautiful and elegant, and you will never tire of it. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain.

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