Although it is called pearl fish skin, it is not actually pearl fish skin. Pearl fish is a small ornamental fish, and pearl fish skin comes from the highly calcified back epidermis of red stingrays (or stingrays, in English). It is commonly known as pearl fish skin because of its pearl-like graininess on the surface. Or pearl scales. These dense white pearl scales are not naturally formed, but undergo repeated and fine hand polishing to present the unique bright color of Stingray skin.

Each piece of Stingray is made into elegant leather through scientific and rigorous processing technology and special dyeing technology, and finally becomes a piece of Stingray skin art. It is hard to imagine that such a piece of Stingray skin, which is so ordinary that it can even be said to be a bit “ugly”, can actually complete a gorgeous transformation in the hands of a craftsman.

As early as thousands of years ago, Stingray skin has been used to wrap knife handles and scabbards. Its advantages are very obvious: because its horny particles are formed by the deposition of lime on the scales, they are very strong and are known as the most durable in the world. Polished high-grade leather. It has good flexibility and is not easily deformed. It is also the only leather with fire-proof and heat-insulating functions. But on the other hand, these qualities prevent it from having the soft texture of other leathers, so not everyone will like it.

People who like Stingray skin are often amazed by its “beauty” at first sight. It not only has the brilliance of gemstones, but also takes into account the moistness and restraint of pearls. It is precisely because of the beauty, sparkle, luxury and stunningness of Stingray skin that it has always been the favorite of high-end customization, various luxury brands and big-name designers.

The production process of a Stingray skin product requires highly complex and fine craftsmanship. There are only a few manufacturers in the domestic market that can produce it, so it is often expensive and is commonly found in high-end series of international brands.

Stingray skin also has thermal conductivity properties and has a cool touch, especially suitable for summer.

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