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Feel: Don’t think that it must be genuine leather if it feels soft.

Calfskin with crocodile pattern imitation leather or rolled crocodile leather pattern will also feel very soft, but compared with real crocodile leather, the latter feels firmer, and you can feel the tight combination of pattern and inner leather texture when you press it. The raised pattern of imitation crocodile leather will feel looser, and you can feel the gaps between the embossed patterns when you press it.

Stomata: not the only distinguishing criterion

Those with fine pores must be real crocodile leather, but those without pores are not necessarily imitation crocodile leather, because Alligator does not have pores. But fortunately, Alligator has a thicker feel and pattern, and is not as soft as imitation crocodile leather. In addition, real crocodile leather will absorb water and leave dark water marks, while crocodile pattern imitation leather does not absorb water.

Pattern: Vivid and neat patterns

Neat and symmetrical patterns are not necessarily the best belly leather, imitation crocodile leather has more neat patterns. No matter how neat the pattern of real crocodile leather is, there will be subtle changes in the lines, making the curves more vivid. The imitation embossing is rigid and uniform.

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