In recent times, people often ask how to distinguish between crocodile leather belts and crocodile pattern cowhide belts. On a well-known domestic wristband forum, a friend mistakenly bought a crocodile pattern cowhide belt for a crocodile belt when he wanted to match his Longines wristband with a leather belt, and spent thousands of yuan more in vain. On the market, crocodile leather belts are most easily confused with crocodile pattern cowhide belts. Crocodile pattern cowhide belts are also very popular because they are cheap and can be decorated with crocodile leather patterns. However, there are also cases in the market where profiteers sell crocodile pattern cowhide leather straps as crocodile leather straps, so it is still necessary for everyone to understand the difference between the two.

First of all, crocodile pattern cowhide belts are made by pressing crocodile pattern molds on cowhide belts. Because manufacturers generally only use one set of molds to reduce costs, so a brand of crocodile pattern cowhide belts generally has the same pattern style. But the patterns of real crocodile leather belts are different. Even the patterns of several crocodile leather belts from one brand, model and batch are different. Because the pattern of crocodile skin is just like human palm prints, it is completely formed naturally and has natural differences, so the pattern of each crocodile skin is unique. Cut from different parts of a piece of crocodile skin, the resulting belt patterns are even different. Therefore, when buying a crocodile belt, you might as well ask the store to take out a few more crocodile leather belts for comparison. If the textures of each belt are different, then 70% of them are crocodile belts. If the texture of each belt is the same without any significant difference, then it is probably an artificial pattern, that is, other belts with crocodile pattern.

Secondly, there are many small irregular textures in the large bamboo pattern of crocodile skin. This is also a significant feature that distinguishes natural skin texture from machine-pressed texture. However, the machine-embossed pattern is a rigid pattern, and on both sides of the pattern are black stripes that imitate the “pimples” of crocodile skin.

The last thing is “feel”. The new crocodile leather belt is soft, stretchy and not stiff. The new cowhide belt is a bit tougher in texture and does not have the elasticity of the crocodile belt. In addition, crocodile belts have a “noble” quality, and the patent leather quality is higher than that of ordinary cow belts. After all, crocodile leather belts are luxury goods, and cow leather belts are just practical objects. No matter how good the crocodile pattern on the cowhide belt is, it is just It’s just “an imitation of others”.

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