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Cowhide is best for wallets, and sheepskin is soft and suitable for clothes and boots. Crocodile skin is generally used to make high-end belts, leather shoes, bags, wallets, handbags, etc., and the price will be more expensive than others.

  1. Sheepskin:

    The characteristics of sheepskin are that the skin is light and thin, feels soft, smooth and delicate, has small pores, is irregularly distributed and has an oblate shape. Sheepskin is a relatively high-grade leather material for leather bags.

    The structure of goatskin is slightly stronger than sheepskin, so its tensile strength is better than sheepskin. Since the surface layer of the leather is thicker than sheepskin, it is more wear-resistant than sheepskin. The difference between goatskin and sheepskin is that the grain layer of goatskin is rougher, not as smooth as sheepskin, and has a slightly worse feel than sheepskin.
  2. Cowhide:
    Because cowhide can reach a certain thickness and fastness, it is very suitable for use in leather handbags and belts. The characteristics of cowhide are small pores, even and tight distribution, plump leather surface, stronger skin than other skins, and a solid, rich and elastic feel. Of course, cowhide is now not only used for handbags, but also widely used in clothing and leather shoes.
    Cowhide mainly includes yellow cowhide, buffalohide, yakhide, and cowhide.

    1)Yellow cowhide:
    The grain is fine, the cortex is thick, the strength is high, and its fullness and elasticity are also good. Its characteristics are that the finished products are beautiful, comfortable and durable.

    2)Yak hide and yak hide:
    The grain surface is worse than that of scalper, but other properties are generally similar.

    3)Buffalo leather:
    The surface is rough, the fibers are loose, the strength is lower than that of yellow cowhide, and other properties are close to that of yellow cowhide.
  3. Crocodile skin:
    The number of crocodiles is rare, especially because crocodiles grow slowly and the cost of breeding is extremely high. The usable crocodile skin is limited to the long and narrow part of the crocodile’s abdomen. Crocodile leather has a natural gradient checkered pattern. Although it lacks elasticity, its texture is very strong. There is a saying that as long as crocodile leather goods are properly maintained, they will become more shiny and flexible with use. The leather is thicker and resistant to wear and tear. Crocodile leather bags are used for The longer the time, the more high-grade the luster reflected by the cortex will be.
    Other better material wallets are as follows:
    It is recommended to choose wallets made of the following leather materials:

    1)Frosted oil skin
    Polish the pores on the surface of the leather evenly to make the leather soft to the touch and smooth on the surface. The leather contains oil and is not prone to mildew or bacteria. It has no odor and has natural wrinkles and discoloration. Advantages: Water-resistant, not easily deformed when worn. Care Method: Dry white cloth. If it has been worn for a long time, you can use a little refined food oil to wipe it with a soft white cloth to restore it to like new.

    2)Second layer of skin
    The second layer of animal skin starting from the surface (the lower surface of the leather is treated by the manufacturer and covered with PU paint, which is second only to the high-grade material of the leather surface and is breathable and sweat-wicking).

    3)Top layer of skin
    The outermost layer of animal skin has a soft feel and is rich in fiber. It has good strength and tensile strength and has good breathability and performance. Because the materials should be carefully used to avoid areas with many scars and wrinkles, the price of leather shoes made from the top layer of skin will be higher than Split leather shoes should be taller.

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