croc skin

In the past two years, animal print has experienced a huge revival in the fashion circle. Leopard print, zebra print, tiger print and snake print have all been printed on various fashion items, and without exception they have been enthusiastically received by people. sought after.

A once-ignored animal pattern has also been discovered by fashionistas, that is crocodile pattern.

In the past, people usually only saw crocodile pattern, or crocodile skin, on luxury handbags because crocodile skin itself is extremely precious. The growth cycle of crocodiles is slow, the cost of breeding is extremely high, and the tanning process is relatively complex, making the unit price of crocodile skins very high.

Among handbags made of crocodile skin, the most representative one is the Hermès Himalayan Birkin bag. This kind of bag made of Nile crocodile skin is very rare and is often sold for millions of dollars at auctions. price.

Hermès Himalayan Birkin bag
Because of this, crocodile pattern items always make people feel expensive and luxurious. A small piece can add a lot of color to the entire outfit, even if this item is only made of imitation crocodile leather.

However, before that, many young people’s first impression of crocodile print items was that they were “old-fashioned”, and they seldom paid attention to or purchased crocodile print items. This is a problem faced by all animal print items. Fortunately, social media has given crocodile print items a new look. Many fashion bloggers have incorporated crocodile print items into their daily wear, refuting people’s stereotypes about it.

By Far can be said to be one of the first brands to inject soul into crocodile pattern items. It was the first to conquer most of the fashion circle with a small bag called Rachel, which is a bag that is highly photographed in European and American street photos.

By Far has also launched many mini bags, all of which have crocodile pattern versions, and continues to dominate street photography. You may have discovered that the trick to fashionable crocodile pattern bags is not to be too big, a small one is just right as an embellishment.

In addition to By Far, there are many niche fashion brands that have also launched impressive crocodile pattern bags, and Staud, a brand from Los Angeles, USA, may be the best at playing tricks. Staud’s bags are famous for their various shapes. Whether it is a bucket bag, a flower pot bag, or a file bag, adding a little crocodile pattern will make it interesting and high-end.

Facts have proved that crocodile pattern is not only suitable for burgundy, black, and dark brown. Taro purple, mint green, and dark green crocodile pattern can make handbags full of girls’ hearts.

Crocodile pattern is not interesting just on bags, but a little crocodile pattern on shoes is equally fashionable. Whether you are wearing short boots or square-toed sandals, as long as you have the crocodile pattern, you will instantly have the best momentum in the world, even if the crocodile skin on your feet is not real.

If you want to dress more boldly, just adding some crocodile print to your accessories is obviously not enough. You can try wearing a crocodile print skirt or crocodile print trousers. Leather skirts and leather pants inherently have an arrogant aura, and imitation crocodile leather skirts and leather pants can make you arrogant and fashionable, and every pore says “I know how to dress well.”

Attico crocodile leather trousers
The final killer item is undoubtedly the crocodile pattern jacket. You can choose a very simple inner wear. After all, a crocodile pattern jacket is enough to be aura. A black crocodile print jacket would be a good choice, subtle but revealing. If you want to look more outstanding, you can choose a brighter color. After all, black leather jackets are classic but a bit boring. Colored leather jackets are the most popular style recently.

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